Fundraising & Sponsorships

 O2 Sport Fundraising helps schools, youth groups and sports leagues raise much needed funds for operations, travel, equipment and more. We partner with the highest quality vendors providing the best products on the market. We offer a proven system for raising our clients the maximum amount of money with the least effort on their part.  

Our focus is always on the client, providing the most effective and efficient fundraising programs available.

Sport and Educational institutions are constantly facing cutbacks and the challenge of fundraising. Fundraising initiatives have become increasingly harder for schools as parents have less time on their hands and businesses are struggling.

What if local businesses voluntarily started giving parents and friends of educational institutions a discount?  We all shop. 02 Sport loyalty programme in partnership with SAVESA Group brings you exclusive discounts and offers from our business partners nationally. We build a network of businesses that will support this initiative. 
Parents and community members simply do their everyday shopping (that they already need to do) at the businesses in our 
network, these businesses then give them a discount and the school has a long term sustainable income. As a member you not only have the choice of using our featured offers, you can also send us a request for discounts from companies not currently listed on our website. We then go the extra mile to negotiate a discount for you and to provide you with offers that suit your specific needs.