Travel & Events

 Are you interested in taking a sports team on tour? 02 Sport has over 10 years’ experience of arranging high quality sport tours and our dedicated team will help to ensure you experience a tailor made sports tour of the highest standard without the headache and hassle of arranging it yourself!

We are a specialist operator arranging tours for sports teams of all ages for club, school, university around South African and global destinations to play rugby, cricket, football, hockey or netball and to enjoy the experience of playing your sport in different environments, along with a range of sightseeing opportunities and activities while away on tour.

What makes us different is that our team of sports tour co-ordinators all play, support or coach a combination of sports, so they understand what makes the perfect tour and how to create memories that will last long after the tour has finished.

We make all your travel arrangements including transport, fixtures and hotel accommodation. We also organise sponsorships for your events and have extensive experience in organising sporting events all over South Africa.

We are connected to 1,500 hotels in South Africa, a very wide variety of transport companies and sporting venues.

We want you to focus on sport; while we take care of the hassle!